Federal regulations

The general rules of the FFE competitions impose an equestrian standard for protective vests when they are mandatory in certain disciplines (Cross, Driving). This is the level of protection required for riders practicing driving and eventing in competition as well as Trec

The CE EN 13158 standard (European standard) is recognized and tested for equestrian sports in competition.An English BETA level 3standard (purple label) also corresponds to the requirements ofthe European standard EN 13158and is also authorized for competition.

Protections meeting the EN 1621-1 or EN 1621-2 standards are not recognized by the federal regulations insofar as these protections only protect the back and not the abdomen and that the protection sought when a protective vest is imposed by the FFE regulations is the coverage of fall risks as well as hoof strikes. They must therefore also protect the rider’s abdomen.

Gilet de protection