Cartridges and access.

All airbag accessories, CO2 cartridges, connectors and straps must be selected according to the vest used. You must use the cartridges recommended by the brand of vest you are using and make sure to select the correct capacity. All this information is mentioned in your vest's instruction manual.


  • Cartridges

    Essential to the functioning of the airbag vest, the CO2 cartridge is a cylinder containing over-compressed CO2. When the rider is falling, the cartridge is pierced and the CO2 is propagated in the airbag membrane of the vest, which will inflate and thus protect you from the fall. Here you can find all the cartridge models for your riding airbag vests !

  • Cords & straps

    The saddle cords and connecting straps are essential components of the airbag vest. The saddle cord attaches to the two stirrup leathers on your saddle. The connecting strap is the link between the saddle cord and the cartridge. In the event of a fall, it is this strap that will disengage from the saddle cord and activate the cartridge to inflate your vest. You can also find all-in-one belts, depending on the brand, that combine the two at the same time... practical isn't it ?

  • Other products

    Vestride offers you a selection of accessories and maintenance products for your protections, whatever they may be. You'll find spare parts, transport accessories and even protectors to complete your airbag !

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