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Founded in 2016 by Zakaria Antar and Pierre-Yves Lalo, Seaver, a startup based in Paris, was born out of the desire to make equestrian sports benefit from the technological advances enjoyed by many sports. Its team, made up of equestrian enthusiasts, has set itself the mission of providing constructive and educational assistance to riders and their entourage (coach, veterinarians, osteopath, grooms, etc.). Aware of the evolutions of the market in which it evolves, the French startup Seaver bases its research and development around the health and well-being of the horse, and how to optimise them. It offers a new technology, integrated into the usual riding equipment (girth, girth guard, sensors), adaptable and practical, giving riders the opportunity to measure their training, prevent and anticipate the risk of injury and participate in the progress of their riding. Seaver offers you the most technologically advanced riding equipment on the market.

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