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Policy of use of the cookies 

Updated - March 2022


This policy on the use of cookies and other tracking devices applies to the VestRide website, which uses cookies for various reasons.

They allow VestRide to understand how users navigate the site and to obtain data to improve the browsing experience, to send personalized offers, to identify the customer when he accesses his customer account or to keep items in his shopping cart after logging out.

This page allows you to understand what a cookie is, what it is used for and how to set it up.


A cookie (hereinafter "Cookie(s)") is a text file deposited by the servers of the websites visited or by third-party servers, in a dedicated space on the hard disk of your terminal (computer, tablet, cell phone or any other device optimized for the Internet), when you consult content or online advertising. It records information relating to your navigation on the Internet.

This Cookie file can only be read by its issuer, which, during its period of validity, recognizes the terminal concerned each time this terminal accesses digital content containing Cookies from the issuer. The Cookie does not identify you personally, but only the browser of your terminal.

When you connect to our sites, a banner is displayed. Subject to your choice, cookies will be stored in the memory of your computer, smartphone, tablet, cell phone etc. The information collected in this way may be used by the site consulted or by a third party, such as an advertising agency, or any other partner.

The validity period of the cookie is 13 (thirteen) months maximum from the day you gave your consent to the integration of the cookie.

However, you have the possibility to delete them from your terminal at any time.

There are several types of cookies and different ways to refuse them.

You have the possibility of refusing the recording of Cookies on your device and you can do it at any time via your navigation software.

However, the refusal of certain Cookies may cause the degradation of a certain number of functionalities necessary for navigation on the Website (difficulties in recording or displaying, etc.). VestRide cannot be held responsible for these malfunctions.

In addition, deactivating advertising Cookies does not mean that you will not receive advertising, but simply that it will no longer be adapted to your interests.


It is necessary here to make a presentation of the different types of cookies.

- Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential in order to navigate the site and take advantage of its features, such as access to secure areas of the website. Requested services, for example, contest forms, could not be provided without cookies.

- Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website. For example, which pages are visited the most and whether error messages are issued. Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information about visitors. Since all information collected by these cookies is aggregated, it remains anonymous. These cookies are only intended to improve the functioning of the website.  Google Analytics

- Targeted cookies or advertising cookies

These cookies collect information about your Internet browsing habits in order to offer you advertisements that are tailored to you and your interests. They also limit the number of times you see an ad and help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Information is collected and shared with third parties to provide audience targeting and optimization solutions for advertisers and publishers. No personal data is collected and no individual can be identified through the data collected.

- Social Network Cookie

To allow you to share articles and content with your friends or comment on them, our site contains links to social networks. When you use these sharing buttons, a third-party cookie is set. If you are connected to the social network while browsing our site, the sharing buttons allow you to link the content you view to your user account.

To learn about the purpose and scope of data collection, processing and use of data by the social network(s) to which you belong, as well as your rights and possibilities to modify the settings for the protection of your privacy, we invite you to read their Cookie Management Policy on their sites.

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Several options are available to you to manage Cookies, accept or reject them. You can:

- Express your choice by setting your internet browser: Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can choose to block these cookies or have your browser notify you when a site attempts to set a cookie on your computer. In this context, we inform you that you can set your browser to refuse the implementation of cookies. Each browser has a different configuration for managing cookies and your choices. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your wishes regarding cookies, 

- With regard to cookies issued by Vestride: Vestride has set up a tool for managing consent with regard to cookies that can be accessed via the "Manage my choices" link in the information banner that is displayed when you connect to the site;

- You may object directly to the issuer of the cookie in the case of analytical cookies or read the privacy policy of the social network you are using, and thus manage the deposit of cookies from the said social network.