Compatible clothes

Here you can find a wide range of compatible clothing for your airbag vest ! Many brands offer compatible clothing to blend your airbag into your outfit (competition jacket, down jacket, jacket ...)

These products are designed and developed so that the airbag vest can be deployed in an optimal way, even with a compatible clothe over it.

In case where the garment over the airbag vest is not compatible, the airbag can have the opposite effect and inflate inwards, thus putting pressure on the rider's body.


  • Competition jackets

    Because a nice jacket makes all the difference... Here you'll find a wide range of competition jackets to spice up your outfits ! Vestride's competition jackets are compatible with airbag vests.

  • Bombers & jackets

    Here's a wide range of outerwear compatible with your airbag vests! You'll find a selection of teddys, bombers, light jackets ... to wear without moderation !

  • Reflective items

    Safe riding at dusk with reflective items for the rider !

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